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Berry Durham and Adam Durham

Berry Durham and Adam Durham are licensed, bonded and insured South Carolina home inspectors providing unbiased, accurate and thorough home inspections in Upstate South Carolina and Northeast Georgia. The Durham's own and operate 3D Inspection & Consulting, LLC. Berry Durham and Adam Durham provide accurate, informative and reliable information to home owners, home buyers and investors throughout the Upstate of South Carolina and Northeast Georgia.

Berry and Adam are always professional, thorough and enjoy taking the time to inspect the home with the client and to answer any questions. The Durham's are field-experienced inspectors who have conducted thousands of inspections and follow and exceed national standards as well as those of the State of South Carolina.

When you need a home inspection, donít hesitate to call 3D Inspection & Consulting, LLC. If you own your home, Berry and Adam would appreciate the opportunity to conduct a pre-sale or pre-listing inspection for you and we offer a $25.00 discount for these type inspections. Trust Berry and Adam to tell you nothing but the truth about your home.

Contact 3D Inspection & Consulting, LLC today, and learn more about how Berry and Adam can help you.

Julie Edwards

We'd like to introduce all of you to our administrative assistant, Julie Brock Edwards. Julie joined our team in 2017. She is a vital and important part of our day to day operation and has become part of the family. When you call our office, Julie will handle all of your scheduling needs.


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