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Additional Inspections

In addition to providing the most comprehensive home inspection in the upstate and Northeast Georgia, 3D Inspection offers other services which are often needed or required as a part of a real estate transaction. Some of these are: 

Radon Gas: Two Radon Test Kits are placed in accordance with EPA Guidelines. After at least 48 hours and no later than 96 hours, the kits are collected and mailed to a Radon Testing Lab for Evaluation. When we receive results, they are faxed or emailed to the client.


Well Water Test: A water sample is collected in a sterile container according to guidelines established by the Water Testing Facility. This sample is delivered to the Lab for evaluation of the presence of coliform bacteria or chemical contamination. Results are faxed or emailed to the client when received. .


Septic Tank Dye Test: Dye is flushed down the toilet and followed by a minimum of 150 gallons of water from the bathtub faucet to overcharge the septic system. The septic tank location and drain field is walked and viewed to determine if the system has failed.


Mold: Mold testing requires multiple air and swab samples. Swab samples will determine the type or species of visible mold. Air samples will determine the type and spore count for each species present in the air sample. All samples are collected according to EPA protocol and sent to a testing lab for results. Results are then emailed or faxed to the client.


Stucco Inspections: Stucco inspections are only necessary for EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, commonly known as synthetic stucco). This service provides moisture analysis of the structure to find excessive moisture content in structural cavities and framing. Results are provided in a written and photographic report.


There is a separate charge for each of these inspections.

Contact us for a quote.

3D Inspection

Office: 864-947-2323 Fax: 864-947-4306

Toll Free: 888-795-BEST (2378)